Understanding our clients needs sometimes means that we must look outside of our firm to find the right representation. At Hiatt & Hoke, we have a network of affiliates with whom we work on a daily basis. Our affiliates are comprised of seasoned and highly experienced attorneys who specialize in matters such as taxation, workers compensation, personal injury, Medicaid planning and Elder law, and patents. By working with our affiliates, our clients know that not only are they assured of the same quality and level of service that they receive from Hiatt & Hoke, but our clients know that they can continue to count on Hiatt & Hoke to handle all of their legal needs.

In that rare instance when even our affiliates are not the right choice for legal representation, Hiatt & Hoke has access to all of the large firms in the Boston area, which enables us to continue to work hand in hand with our clients, while they get the representation that they need.


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