When your estate or financial planning calls for the service of independent trustee put your trust in us.

Hiatt & Hoke attorneys possess more than the sound judgment, investment knowledge and technical expertise required to deliver excellence as fiduciaries.  It’s more than our years of experience with investment oversight and as investors ourselves that make us the right choice for trustee for families of means.  It’s also more than our ability to help clients find the most suitable investment advisors and managers or to draw upon our connections to many of the best and brightest professionals within the financial services industry.

What makes us an outstanding match is the way we listen to our client families and the depth with which we get to know them.  Family members aren’t homogeneous.  Wealthy multi-generational families are comprised of individuals with varying lifestyles, careers, strengths, goals, challenges, and interests.  A trustee cannot be truly successful without   fully appreciating and understanding the dynamics within the group and not only being sensitive to their unique position within the family but also being able to communicate with them in a meaningful way and making sure that they have a healthy understanding of the opportunities and the responsibilities they have as beneficiaries.  Heads of such families know that they can count on us to reach their goal of providing financial security without creating a sense of entitlement among subsequent generations and without compromising their independence, self-esteem or motivation.

Success in the transfer of material wealth is about much more than the money.  It’s also about maintaining harmony and balance among the members of a family and being sensitive to the needs of each individual.  Wealth creates opportunities and challenges.  Hiatt & Hoke attorneys can prepare your family for both.

At Hiatt & Hoke, we make business personal.



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